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Pet Wellness Care

October 1 2023

October is Pet Wellness Month. Wellness care is crucial to your pet’s health and well-being. Just like people, pets benefit greatly from proper veterinary care. A local Crown Point, IN vet goes over some key aspects of wellness care in this article.

Why Wellness Care Is Important

Wellness care (or lack thereof) affects nearly every aspect of your furry friend’s health and well-being. Keeping up with preventative measures, such as vaccines and parasite control, will protect Fido and Fluffy from many dangerous diseases and parasites, such as rabies, feline leukemia, heartworms, fleas and ticks, all of which can make your furry pal very sick. Regular exams are also crucial: they can detect or help with monitoring developing medical conditions even before symptoms appear. At the end of the day, those preventative measures can not only keep your furry friend happy and healthy, it can prolong their life. Another bonus? Wellness care may also help your wallet. Early detection is always beneficial.

Basic Wellness Care

The term wellness care often covers several areas of Fido and Fluffy’s health care regimen. Thorough physical exams are very important. Your vet will thoroughly check your furry pal over, evaluating their eyes, ears, breathing, heart rate, and body condition, and scanning for any signs of potential issues. Vaccines and parasite control are also crucial. Your pet’s wellness care needs will change a bit over time: a kitten will need to come in more often than a healthy adult. Ask your vet to recommend an appointment schedule.

Keeping Your Pet Healthy

Wellness care also means keeping your pet well at home. Make sure your furry pal is eating a proper diet, one that is suitable for their age, weight, and health. A good exercise regime is also important. For dogs, that means a daily walk, at the least. Fido may also enjoy things like running, swimming, hiking, or even agility, while for Fluffy, play is the preferred workout.

Holistic Wellness

As you may know, we embrace both holistic and traditional veterinary medicine. This is one area where holistic care really shines. Things like massage, Chinese herbal medicine, supplements, and other elements of holistic care can gently but effectively help keep your pet healthy from the inside out. Of course, these treatment options are not one size fits all. Ask your vet for specific advice.

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