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Reptile Awareness Day

October 15 2023

Reptile Awareness Day is coming up on October 21st. Reptiles are among the most misunderstood animals on our beautiful planet. They can make fascinating and beautiful pets for those who understand them and their care needs. A Crown Point, IN vet puts reptiles in the spotlight in this article.

Reptile Awareness Day

Reptile Awareness Day is a great time to celebrate our scaled, shelled, and slithering friends, but this particular observance is really more about raising awareness about the issues reptiles face. They are among the animals most often captured from the wild and sold illegally. This is horrible for both the reptiles and the ecosystems they inhabit. The Florida Everglades is a perfect example of this. That fragile area, which was already under threat from development, is now coping with an onslaught of invasive species, such as pythons, anoles, and even the iguana, which is now running rampant in the Sunshine State.


There is both good news and bad news here. According to a survey from the American Pet Products Association, reptile ownership rose from 18 to 22 percent among U.S. Gen Zers. It’s great to see more people taking an interest and caring for reptiles. However, increased demand also means an increase in illegal and careless breeding and capture.

How To Help

Adopting one would be a great option, but you can also consider donating funds or supplies to a reptile charity or land conservation organization. This is one area where spreading awareness can make a huge difference. If you’re planning to adopt a reptile, be sure to go through a reputable breeder. It’s also important to do plenty of research about your potential pet, including their expected adult size, habitat needs, and diet. We can’t overstate the importance of finding a good vet that is experienced with reptiles.


The best way to celebrate reptiles? Spread the word about them! Many people undergo a pretty rapid change of heart once they understand a bit more about reptiles and their importance to the environment. This is a great time to watch your favorite reptile movie, whether that’s Godzilla, Jurassic Park, or even Anaconda. There are some great documentaries out there, too. Reptile lovers may also enjoy browsing this curated collection of reptile art, which was curated and hosted by Artists for Conservation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about reptile care. As your Crown Point, IN animal clinic, we’re always happy to help!