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Southlake Animal Hospital
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Call us today! 219-942-0909

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Our Testimonials

Dr. Carlson, just wanted to personally thank you for your love and compassion and incredible medical care over the past few years. You and your staff are amazing and truly went above and beyond in taking care of Max and giving him the best, longest life possible. My family and I are so grateful for you and everything you’ve done.
Stephanie D.
“Thank you all for being so wonderful to Smarty P. Jones and to me, his social secretary. You are always so kind and accommodating. We wish you all a safe, fun Halloween and hope the tricks are hilarious and the treats, your favorites. You have made all the difference in Smarty’s day-to-day comfort and will receive extra stars in your Heavenly Crowns for all you do for animals who haven’t our language and their companions who haven’t the understanding of our pets. Bless you all a million times over.”
Mary Anne & Smarty P.
“Dear Dr. Carlson & Staff, I am writing with great sadness to let you know that my beloved Stevie passed away on February 8. 2021. Thank you for your good care of him. The supplements, herbs, recommendations and treatments, and kindness we found at your practice helped him so much, and gave him time and comfort that he would not have otherwise had. I appreciate that so very much and am so grateful to have found you.”
Elaine C.
“Dr. Carlson, I really want to thank you for being there for me with ferry. Thank you for making her comfortable, for allowing me to be with with her, and for the beautiful flowers you sent to me. Ferry was my pet matriarch to me. I had her for 6.5 years, she was very special to me. Thank you for filling one of the most difficult times in my life with peace. Ferry looked so peaceful. She looked beautiful. Thank you for making this as easy as possible and always treating all my pets with such great care. I appreciate you, and your assistant too!”
“You and your staff has always been nice, thoughtful and truly compassionate to me and my kitties.”
Darlene B.
“I enjoy the friendliness of the staff and the practice and views of the doctor.”
Sonya K.
“Dr. Carlson and staff are very caring and I trust them 100%”
Judy P.
“Quality and affordable service by staff that cares.”
Kristi B.
“I recommend Dr. Carlson to everyone! When we first brought Clark to her she spent so much time with us answering all of our questions. Just today I had a scare and messaged them and they immediately got back to me. I’m so thankful for this animal hospital.”
Raquel M.
“We would definitely recommend Southlake Animal Hospital to friends – we have total confidence in Dr. Carlson as we had in Dr. Huseman for years.”
“The staff and Dr. Carlson were very nice and welcoming! I appreciate their holistic approach to treating animals.” 
Karen M.
“The staff and Doctor were genuinely happy people everyone was so kind.”
“Great customer service and friendliness.”
Roberto D.
“Caring and knowledgeable staff.”
Staci C.
“Compassionate group of people.”
Sherree T.
“The staff was fabulous and the Doctor is so nice and you can tell that they all love their jobs.”
“The staff and Doctor were genuinely happy people everyone was so kind.”
“This is a super friendly and comfortable place to bring your pet.”
Mike B.
“Great place. Clean. Caring. And spent as much time as we needed.”
Maxine B.
“The staff was very warm, welcoming and genuinely caring.”
Mario B.
“Thank you for being so good to us and to Piper. I greatly appreciate the immediate attention you gave to us and were somehow through the act of our lord able to find a way to get us in to see Dr. Carlson a few days early. I can clearly clearly see that you are in this business for your love for animals, and not the cash register. We have had Piper at the other clinic many many times and not once did I see the vets or any of the assistants get on the ground and play with her like Piper was their own dog. We started Piper on all the medications, herbs, etc., right when we got home and she seems to tolerate the turmeric, kefir, zinc medication and the powder. The turmeric not so much by itself, but I mix it with the CBD oil and peanut butter and see’s fine with it. As far as the lump itself, a bit hard to tell if the size has gone down some, but maybe. It’s only been a few days. But it definitely hasn’t grown in size and her energy is excellent. In fact so excellent, that Piper was out back and we needed to open our kitchen sliding door because something was burning in the oven. That sliding door has a screen, and all of a sudden Piper came running inside and ran right through the screen. Oh well time for a new screen :). Piper seems OK but a bit scared now as to not knowing what just happened. Thank you very much again and your time and help is greatly appreciated by our family and Piper. We will remain in touch for sure. Sincerely, The Miller Family”
Richard M.
“The whole visit was great. The time each person gives you is wonderful.”
Hillart H.