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Adopting A Deaf Dog

September 15 2023

Deaf Dog Awareness Week starts September 24th. Our canine pals can lose their hearing at any point in their lives, and for a number of reasons, which may range from age, genetics, tumors, infections, injuries, and even some medications. Deaf dogs often get passed over for adoption, which is very sad. Fido is very resilient, and can do just fine, even if his ears don’t work. However, he will have some unique care needs. A Crown Point, IN vet lists some of them in this article.

Avoid Making Assumptions

One reason that deaf dogs are passed over so much is because people assume they’ll need lots of extra care. That isn’t always the case, though. Sometimes dogs that are considered deaf do retain some hearing, and can pick up sounds in high or low registers. Fido may still respond to things like dog whistles or low notes on a piano, which can be recreated on a phone. And, if your furry friend is healed from any infections or injuries, he may not need any more veterinary care than any other pooch would. Don’t check that cute pup off your potential pet list just because his ears don’t work right!  

Don’t Forego Training

Training is just as important for deaf dogs as it is for other pups. You’ll just need to go about it a little differently. You might need to teach your canine buddy to obey hand signs, or come when you wave a flashlight or laser pointer.  

Collar Options

You may also find it helpful to customize Fido’s gear. Putting bells on his collar will help you monitor his whereabouts. You may also want to double leash his harness, to help ensure that he can’t slip away. You can even get collars that light up when you press a remote. (Note: a GPS collar is also a great thing to have.)

Stick To A Routine

Man’s Best Buddy is a creature of habit, and often just feels most secure when he’s kept on a steady schedule. Keep Fido on a set routine for walks, meals, playtime, and, of course, snuggle sessions.

Make It Safe

Fido will need more petproofing than another pooch would, and you’ll need to be super vigilant with safety. If you have a yard, make sure that you have a sturdy fence. Be very careful when walking your pet, as he won’t hear cars, barking, or other noise. Ask your vet for more information.

Please contact us with questions or concerns about your deaf dog’s health or care. As your local Crown Point, IN pet hospital, we’re here to help!