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Digging in Dogs

June 1 2021

Is your dog turning your yard into a minefield? Does your garden resemble a construction site? Fido is a great companion, but his gardening skills haven’t earned him many accolades. Read on as a local Crown Point, IN vet lists some reasons your pooch may be putting holes in your yard.


Dogs often dig because they are trying to get to something small that is burrowing under the lawn. (This is particularly common in terriers.) If you have signs of rodents or other small critters digging under your yard, use non-toxic pest control methods to humanely relocate your tiny squatters.


Fido may seem to enjoy relaxing and lounging about, but he does need something to occupy himself with. If your pet’s outdoor space doesn’t offer much by way of entertainment, aside from the occasional squirrel, he may be trying to entertain himself.

Buried Treasure

This one may be related to some of the natural behaviors Fido’s ancestors exhibited. If your canine companion digs to bury or retrieve toys or treats, get him a sandbox and put some goodies in there for him. If your furry little pirate knows that X marks the spot, he may lose interest in the rest of your yard.


If your pooch is digging near your fence line, he may be trying to get out. There could be many reasons for this. If Fido hasn’t been fixed, his hormones and urges may be pushing him to go off in search of love. Of course, some of our furry pals just want to see what’s going on down the road. Bury chicken wire along your fence, and weight it down with rocks. Some fun doggy adventures, like a trip to the dog park, may also be in order.


Another reason that dogs dig is to make themselves little beds or dens. Sometimes they just do this so they can have a comfy spot to relax in while hanging out with you as you’re tending to your garden or relaxing outdoors. However, Fido could also be reacting to discomfort due to weather, or perhaps fleas or ticks. Make sure that your pup is clean and comfy, and keep up with his parasite control. Ask your vet for more information.

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