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Pool Safety for Dogs

May 15 2021

Do you have b oth a pool and a dog? This combination can make for some pretty fun summer days! However, it can also be a very dangerous mix. Fido is over his head in just a few feet of water, and can get into serious trouble if he falls into a pool and then can’t get out. A local Crown Point, IN vet offers some great pool safety tips for dogs below.

S  wim Lessons

If your pooch doesn’t know how to swim, it’s worth your while to teach him. Fido may never love the water, but knowing how to dog paddle could save his life one day. Be patient and gentle with your furry pal during his lessons.


Make sure Fido knows where the pool exit is. We can’t overstress the importance of this one! If your canine pal falls in, it’s crucial that he be able to get back out again. Take some time with this. Also, test your pup out a bit. Go to the opposite side of the pool and call him to you. You want to be sure the knowledge has sunk in.


We recommend marking the pool exit with a visible landmark. You can use a potted tree, a patio set, or even a life preserver. If possible, choose something that will still be easy to see at night.

Pool Covers

Pool covers are also a concern. Fido might not realize that the cover isn’t a solid surface, and could try to walk on it. This could be very dangerous, as your pooch could be in deep trouble if he falls in! 


Play it safe, and keep the pool fenced off when it isn’t in use. The small amount of money you spend on fencing will be well worth the peace of mind!


Fido can get thirsty very quickly running and playing on hot days. Make sure he always has fresh water. Don’t let him drink from the pool itself. Chlorine and other chemicals are definitely not things you want your furry bff drinking!

Doggy Safety Gear

You may be surprised at how many doggy safety items are available these days. A pet lifejacket is a great thing to have. You can even get Fido his own set of pool stairs!


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