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Things Cats Would Do if They Dominated the World

June 15 2021

June 24th is a pretty important day for kitties: it’s Cat World Domination Day! What’s this all about? Are these cute, cuddly little furballs actually trying to take over the world? What would happen if they did? As it turns out, Fluffy becoming Supreme Leader may not be a bad thing. A local Crown Point, IN vet outlines our feline overlords’ plans below. 

 Kitty Gardens

One thing we suspect that cats would insist on? Kitty gardens in every neighborhood. In addition to several varieties of catnip, people would also have to grow things like wheat grass, soft moss (for sleeping on), and Spider plants.


Keep in mind that Fluffy already managed to convince the people of ancient Egypt to consider her as some form of deity. (Clearly, cats have not forgotten this.) You’d likely find huge statues of kitties going up in every park. In addition to recreations of the Sphinx, Fluffy may also demand pieces be made to honor famous felines, like Garfield, Grump Cat, Colonel Meow, Sylvester, and, of course, the Cheshire Cat’s teeth.

Stocked Fishponds

Did you know that some cities in ancient China may have kept stocked fishponds just for kitties? Mother cats were also offered a string of fish when their kittens were adopted, to ‘formalize’ the arrangement. Fluffy would definitely be interested in seeing these traditions revived.


Birdwatching is one of Fluffy’s favorite pastimes. We could probably expect aviaries and window seats overlooking bird feeders to pop up all over the place. 

Lap Space

Do you sometimes find yourself trapped in your chair because there is a kitty on your lap? If Fluffy ruled the world, getting up before your pet has finished her nap may very well become illegal!

Kitty Comforts

Kitties probably wouldn’t be interested in getting too involved in things like finances or manufacturing. However, Fluffy may take a more active approach to real estate. Homes coming onto the market would be upgraded with kitty enclosures, catwalks, and built-in window seats and scratching posts.


Fluffy may also demand that we pet, feed, and play with her on demand. Actually, come to think of it, our furry little buddies already do have us wrapped around their paws when it comes to these things!

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