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Holistic Holiday Pet Tips

December 15 2020

Here at Southlake Animal Hospital, we are happy to offer both modern and holistic pet care. This allows us to combine both Eastern and Western medicine, and offer our clients the best of both worlds. With the holidays coming up, this seems like a good time to list a few ways that you can incorporate holistic care into your furry friend’s care. A Crown Point, IN veterinarian lists a few tips for this below.


Good health starts with good nutrition, for both people and pets. Many of our furry patients can benefit from specific supplements. For instance, fish oil can be very helpful for dogs with arthritis, as it lubricates stiff bones and joints.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

As you may know, holistic care focuses on healing from the inside out. It also falls very much in line with the old mantra of ‘First, do no harm.’ Chinese herbal medicine is both safe and effective, and can help treat a wide variety of illnesses. Of course, this isn’t something you would want to just randomly try. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Comfy Beds

A good bed can make a huge difference in your pet’s overall quality of life. Look for one that uses sustainable resources, and is free of harmful dyes and chemicals.


Many pets enjoy a good, soothing massage just as much as people do. Book your furry buddy an appointment with a pet masseuse.

Homemade Treats

It’s not uncommon for people to include organic food and herbs as part of an overall holistic, natural lifestyle. You can also do this with your pet! Look for great recipes for dog or cat treats, and make Fido or Fluffy some holiday snacks. Use high-quality, organic ingredients. Here’s one option: mix a plain, fat-free yogurt with canned tuna and a bit of parsley. Portion out into small sizes, and bake for about 20 minutes at 350.


Don’t forget to pick up something for your furry friend! When you go shopping, pay attention to the labels. Try to get things that were sourced locally, if you can. It’s also best to pick brands that use sustainable, eco-friendly resources. For food and treats, choose products that use whole ingredients, rather than a laundry list of chemicals. Ask your vet for advice.


Happy Holidays from Southlake Animal Hospital, your Crown Point, IN animal clinic. Call us anytime!