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Resolutions Inspired by Cats

January 1 2021

Happy New Yea r! As we leave 2020 behind (at last!), many people are looking ahead and focusing on personal goals for the next year. Your feline pal may sleep through most of 2021, but she can still help you achieve your personal priorities. In fact, cats are a pretty good source of inspiration, especially when it comes to self-improvement. A Crown Point, IN vet lists some resolutions inspired by Fluffy below.

G  et Lots Of Rest

Granted, kitties might take this one a bit too seriously. Fluffy can sleep up to 20 hours a day! That said, it’s important for you to ensure that you are getting enough rest. If need be, get a better mattress. Pick up a new bed (or three) for Fluffy as well.

Eat Well

Eating healthy is at the top of many people’s lists of resolutions. As the old adage says, you are what you eat! Choose nourishing, healthy foods, and limit fatty treats and snacks. As for Fluffy, offer her a high-quality kitty food and suitable treats.

Be Yourself

One thing we know about cats? They really never worry about their image. Fluffy doesn’t care how silly she looks when she is pouncing on a cotton ball or sleeping in an odd place or position. We don’t recommend batting at moths or curling up on your friend’s book, but it is important to be true to yourself.

Stay Active

Cats are quite energetic and playful, even if their zoomies do happen in bursts. If you have a hard time squeezing exercise in, take a cue from your feline buddy and start with short, 5-minute mini-workouts.

Improve Flexibility

Kitties are quite lithe and flexible. In fact, they can get comfortable in positions that would leave us with pulled muscles and sore backs. The takeaway here? Stretch regularly, and perhaps do some yoga now and then.

Have Fun

It’s always cute watching kitties hard at play. Follow Fluffy’s lead on this. Take time for doing things that you really enjoy!

Show Affection

Fluffy has a reputation for being cold and aloof, but that really isn’t fair. Our feline friends really can be quite the little cuddlebugs! Make sure that the people who are important to you know that you care.

As your Crown Point, IN veterinary clinic, we are dedicated to offering great veterinary care in 2021 and beyond. Call us anytime!