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Best Tricks To Teach Your Dog

April 15 2019

Does your canine pal know basic doggy obedience commands? Training is very important, both for Fido’s manners and for safety. All dogs should know basic orders like Sit , Stay , Come , Heel , and Lay Down . However, once your cute pet has these basics down, you can start showing him some tricks. A local Crown Point, IN vet suggests some good ones in this article.

Leave It

As you may have noticed, Fido is a bit of an opportunist. Most dogs have absolutely no qualms about snapping up a chicken leg someone dropped at the park, or picking up a child’s toy. Your furry buddy may also go for a piece of food that has fallen to the ground. This can be problematic, as dogs don’t know what is and isn’t safe for them. Teaching Fido to Leave It can come in very handy at times like this.

Drop It

The Drop It command is also very helpful for the situations listed above. It’s worth noting that this would be your go-to for those times when you didn’t see Fido pick up the chicken leg or the child’s toy. There is a bonus with this one, however. You may be able to teach your canine friend to put his toys away!

Gimme Paw

It’s always cute when dogs hold their paws out to Shake , High Five , or Gimme Paw . This can also be a good training hack! If Fido realizes that he will get a yummy treat for letting you handle his furry foot, he will probably be less shy about having his paws touched. This will be very helpful for when you want to clip your pup’s claws, remove a tick, treat a small cut, or just inspect his foot.


This one is also very helpful. Once Fido learns how to retrieve his toys, you may be able to train him to fetch your slippers or the remote, or even get you a cold drink!

Roll Over

Who says that all doggy tricks have to be useful? Roll Over is a classic, and will always be adorable. For your canine companion, there’s another benefit here as well. This one often ends up with Fido getting his belly rubbed!

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