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Reasons to Brush Your Cat Regularly

May 1 2019

Cats are very clean pets. Fluffy will carefully groom herself every day, keeping her fur soft and clean. However, that doesn’t mean she can’t use a little help. In fact, brushing your kitty regularly will benefit her in several ways. Read on as a Crown Point, IN vet lists some reasons to brush your feline friend.

Remove Dead Fur

Dead fur and dander can actually make your cat’s pretty coat itchy and uncomfortable. They also decrease the insulating qualities of Fluffy’s fur, making it harder for her to stay cool in summer and keep warm in winter.

Less Mess

When you brush Fluffy, you’ll be capturing that dead fur with a brush. The more you get with that brush, the less you’ll find stuck to your sofa. And your clothes. And your carpet.


This one mostly applies to people with long-haired kitties. Super-fluffy cats often get mats and tangles in their fur, especially in their little armpits and around their bottoms. Regularly brushing Fluffy with a detangling brush will help remove these knots before they get out of control.

Prevent Hairballs

We probably don’t need to tell you what happens when Fluffy swallows too much fur. It isn’t one of her cuter tricks. However, it’s important to realize that hairballs can actually be dangerous. Your feline pal could end up with some very serious—and potentially life-threatening—gastrointestinal problems if she can’t expel her hairballs. Brushing your cat can help prevent—or at least reduce—hairballs, as you’ll be removing that dead fur before she can swallow it.

Senior Care

Just like people, cats get stiff and sore as they age. Older cats often have a hard time reaching their whole bodies to groom themselves. That’s why they sometimes look a bit unkempt. Brushing your faithful feline will keep her coat smooth, and stop her from feeling itchy or uncomfortable.


Brushing is also good for your kitty’s circulation. Of course, if you tell Fluffy this, she’ll probably just yawn and lick her paw. However, when it comes to cat care, every little bit helps!

Purr Activation

Grooming Fluffy is a great way to spend some quality time with her, and make her feel loved and safe. Many kitties actually love being pampered!

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