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Why is My Cat Not Using Her Litter Box?

April 1 2019
Is your cat eliminating outside of her litter box, making a mess on your carpets or floors? About one in every 10 cats will experience an aversion to their litter box at one point or another—your job is to find out why and put a stop to it! Below, find out why your cat is avoiding her litter box as your Crown Point, IN veterinarian explains.
No one likes doing their business in a dirty bathroom. The same is true for your feline friend! If your cat’s box isn’t cleaned out often enough, she may decide to stop using it entirely. It’s recommended that you scoop out your cat’s waste daily, adding a bit of fresh litter to replace that which you’ve removed, and completely change the litter about once a week.
Think about where you’ve placed your cat’s litter box. Is it in an easily accessible area that your cat can reach even when you’re not home? Is it placed in a quiet, out-of-the-way location where your pet won’t be disturbed while using it? Make sure your cat’s bathroom is located in a prime spot—in most homes, a basement, bathroom, or laundry room works best.
Proximity to Food
Much like you, your cat doesn’t like to use the bathroom right next to the spot where she eats. Cats have been known to stop eating and drinking, or avoid their litter box, if the two are in close proximity. To be safe, place these areas in different sections of the home.
Litter Preference
Did you know that different types of cats like different types of litter? Some enjoy clumping litters, while others can’t stand it. Scented litters might throw off certain cats. There are a variety of litter types out there to choose from, and you might have to experiment a bit to see what your feline friend prefers.
Injury or Illness
Last but not least, an injury or illness could be the root cause of your cat’s aversion to her bathroom. Injuries could make it too painful for your cat to climb into her box, and an illness like a urinary tract infection may affect Fluffy’s bladder control. Take your pet to the vet’s office for an examination if you can’t determine another cause for her litter box aversion.
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