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Animal Rescue Myths

June 15 2017

Animal shelters, as well as the pets housed inside of them, are often misunderstood. Unfortunately, this leads to many pets never experiencing a loving family! Below, your Crown Point, IN veterinarian shines a light on some of the most common animal rescue myths:

Shelter Pets Are Old

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Shelter pets are not all elderly animals—you’re just as likely to find puppies and kittens, as well as all sorts of middle-aged pets and older animals, in your local shelters. If you’re looking to adopt a young or adult-aged pet, consider searching in a shelter before visiting a pet store.

Shelter Pets Are Poorly Behaved

Some make the mistake of assuming that a pet wouldn’t wind up in a shelter at all if they were well-behaved. This isn’t true; not all shelters pets are aggressive or poorly behaved. In fact, the vast majority are perfectly well-mannered and are just looking for a loving home. Issues like abandonment, hoarding, and others are common reasons that pets find themselves in a shelter, not poor behavior.

Shelters and Their Pets Are Dirty

Think that shelters and the pets who live there are dirty? Think again! Shelter staff work tirelessly to keep the facility, as well as the pets themselves, clean and sanitary. It’s essential to prevent the spread of disease and infection!

Adopting From a Shelter is Expensive

Not true. You’ll actually find that adopting a pet from most shelters is far less expensive than buying from a pet store or directly from a breeder. Plus, many shelters have already had their pets vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and groomed, saving you costs that you might otherwise have to consider.

Shelters Don’t Have Purebred Animals

Some think that shelters only house mutts or mixed-breed pets. This isn’t true—shelters may also house purebred animals. If you’re looking for a particular breed of pet, try touring your local shelters before going to the pet store or a breeder.

Shelters Only Have Dogs and Cats

Are you in the market for something other than a dog or cat? Don’t assume that you’ll have to visit a pet store. Many shelters run adoption programs for pocket pets, birds, reptiles and amphibians, and even exotic animals. Consider saving a life—visit your local shelters to find your unique animal companion.

Call your Crown Point, IN veterinarian if your new pet needs an examination.

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