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5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Pet’s Dental Health in Check

June 1 2017

Dental health problems are some of the most common issues to affect our companion animals. Prevention is key to keeping your four-legged friend’s mouth in top condition! Here, your Crown Point, IN vet tells you about five easy ways to do just that.

Mouth Exams at Home

Sit down with your pet every week in a quiet, well-lit area of your home. Gently peel back your pet’s lips to examine the teeth and gumline. Look for anything out the ordinary—swelling or inflammation, bleeding, cracked teeth, excessive build-up of brownish plaque—and let your veterinarian know if you think it warrants professional attention.

Brushing Sessions

Brush your pet’s teeth in the comfort of your own home using a specialized pet toothbrush and a canine- or feline-formulated toothpaste. This way, you’ll remove much of the plaque on your pet’s tooth surfaces before it can harden into dangerous tartar. You’ll have to start slow at first, gradually getting your pet used to the taste of the toothpaste, before brushing each tooth in the mouth. Ask your veterinarian if you need help getting started.

Dental Chews

Ask your vet to recommend some great dental chewing products for your pet. These items not only provide your pet with plenty of fun and an appropriate chewing outlet, they help to keep the teeth and gums strong and scrape away loose plaque. They even freshen your pet’s stinky breath!

Good old-fashioned chew toys are also important—they help to remove plaque and give your pet’s teeth something to work on. Provide your pet with a fun toy selection at all times.

Quality Diet

It’s easy to forget about diet as a great and simple way to maintain your pet’s dental health. Feeding your pet a premium food means that you’re providing them with the necessary vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients needed for healthy teeth and gums (not to mention all other body systems!). Make sure your pet is eating a food that is appropriate for his or her age, weight, and breed; ask your vet for a recommendation.

Veterinary Visits

Of course, nothing beats professional oral examinations and thorough dental cleanings at your veterinarian’s office. If it’s been a while since your pet’s last dental cleaning, it’s time to act. Call your Crown Point, IN animal clinic to set up an appointment. We’re here to help keep your pet’s mouth in tip-top shape for a lifetime!