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Camping With Fido

May 15 2017

Are you planning to go camping this summer? If you have a dog, Fido may be absolutely delighted to accompany you. After all, camping is a way for your pet to combine four of his favorite things: exploring, sniffing new patches of grass, enjoying fresh air and sunlight, and, of course, spending time with his favorite humans. Just be sure to put your pet’s safety first. Here, a Crown Point, IN vet discusses camping with Fido.


Fido should be up to date on his vaccinations, exams, and parasite control. Your pup should also be microchipped, spayed or neutered, and wearing ID tags.


If your camping trip will involve a lot of hiking, ask your vet for advice about bringing Fido. Strenuous activity isn’t right for all dogs. Senior pups, obese pooches, small dogs, puppies, and dogs with health conditions may be more comfortable at a doggy hotel.


Before you take Fido camping, make sure he understands basic doggy obedience commands like Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down . This isn’t just about petiquette: it’s also very important for safety purposes. Training can help you stop your pet from approaching strangers, wild animals, or dangerous areas.


Don’t forget to pack for your furry buddy! Fido will need food, toys, bedding, treats, dishes, a leash and collar, and a doggy-first aid kit. You may also want to pack paw balm, pet-safe sunscreen, and a raincoat. If you are going swimming or boating, bring a doggy lifejacket as well.


Don’t let Fido drink from unknown water sources: the water could be contaminated. Boil or bring water for him. (Tip: collapsible plastic doggy dishes are great for camping.)


The Great Outdoors can be very dangerous to a curious canine! Don’t let your furry companion nose around in areas that could be harboring wild animals. Riverbanks are also hazardous: you don’t want to risk your pooch falling in. Also, don’t let Fido get too close to the grill or campfire. Even after the fire has gone out, your four-legged pal could burn himself on hot coals.


Remember to clean up after your pet. In some places, you may be able to bury Fido’s waste, but check local ordinances first.

Do you have questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care? Call us, your Crown Point, IN animal clinic, today! We’re here to help.