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Choosing the Right Spot for Your Birdcage

July 1 2017

Have you recently become a bird owner? Congratulations! Your colorful pet is sure to add lots of charm and character to your life and household. Birds are very cute and charismatic pets, but they have very different needs from dogs and cats. Since Polly will spend the majority of her time in her cage, making sure she has a comfy, roomy cage is crucial to her health and well-being. Choosing the right spot for your pet’s cage is also very important. Here, a local Crown Point, IN vet offers tips on choosing the right spot for Polly.


Polly could get stressed out and uneasy if she is exposed to too many loud noises. Avoid putting your pet too close to a TV or stereo, or in other noisy spots. Of course, depending on what type of bird you get, your feathered buddy may also make quite a bit of noise herself!


Birds have extremely sensitive lungs, and can get very sick by breathing in any sort of chemicals or fumes. Don’t put Polly anywhere that she could be exposed to fumes from crafts, automobile products, cigarette smoke, or other fumes. You also want to avoid putting your feathered pal near the kitchen: many types of modern cookware give off fumes that are harmless to us, but very toxic to birds. Perfumes, scented candles, and aerosols are also poisonous to birds.


Your winged friend will likely feel safest in a corner, where she isn’t exposed on all sides. Keep in mind that birds are very sociable. Polly will likely feel sad and lonely if she is kept in a back room by herself. A quiet corner of a family room or living room is a good option. That way, your feathered friend can see, hear, and interact with you. Another thing that will help your little buddy feel at home is to put some pet-safe plants near her cage. Ask your vet for more information.


Don’t put your bird too close to a fan, heater, fireplace, or heating vent. You also want to avoid putting Polly in direct sunlight. Some birds, like finches, do need some sun exposure, so ask your vet for specific advice.

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