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Key Points of Responsible Cat Ownership

February 1 2016

Do you have a kitty? Our feline friends have many wonderful qualities that make them great pets. Fluffy is not only super cute and a lot of fun, she’s also a fairly easy keeper. Your furball will carefully groom herself every day, and will do her business in her own private bathroom. While kitties are known for being independent, there are still some do’s and don’ts for cat parents to be aware of. Below, a Crown Point, IN vet lists some key points of responsible cat ownership.

Veterinary Care

Many of our feline patients don’t see us as often as they should. Most cats should visit the vet about once a year, though kittens, sick kitties, and senior cats may need more frequent visits. In between appointments, watch for signs of illness, such as hiding; poor grooming; unusual behavior; changes in appetite or vocalization; and litterbox issues. Contact your vet immediately if you notice any of these red flags in your kitty. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.


Making sure your cat has been spayed or neutered is important for many reasons. First and foremost, getting Fluffy fixed will ensure that you are doing your part to combat pet overpopulation, which is a major reason there are so many sweet, lovable kitties in shelters. It will also help with behavioral issues, such as spaying. Plus, you’ll be spared the rather horrific sounds of your amorous furball’s attempts at singing love songs. (Kitties have many great qualities: unfortunately, musical talent is not among them.)

Keeping Fluffy Safe

Fluffy will be much safer and healthier as an indoor cat. If your kitty goes outside, she’ll face danger from cars, predators, other kitties, weather, chemicals, and parasites. Offer your feline friend toys, kitty furniture, and cozy napping spots to help her learn to love the indoor life.


Even though Fluffy may spend what seems like a ridiculous amount of time sleeping, she’ll still want something to do when she is awake. Offer your kitty a comfy spot in front of a window with a good view, so she can survey what’s going on in her kingdom. Providing your furball with suitable toys is important as well. Last but not least, we recommend playing with your feline friend every day.

Does your feline friend need veterinary care? Call us, your Crown Point, IN animal clinic, today!