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Puppy Care Tips

February 15 2016

Have you recently adopted a puppy? Congratulations! You’re starting a wonderful journey of love and friendship with your furry new friend. Fido’s puppyhood is a very crucial time, as our canine friends form many of their personality traits and opinions about the world while they’re little. Your new furkid has lots of growing and learning to do in the coming months, and it’s up to you to guide him! Read on for some great puppy care tips from a Crown Point, IN veterinarian.

Veterinary Care

Little Fido should see the vet several times during his first year. He’ll need his initial vaccinations and exams, microchipping, and spay/neuter surgery. You’ll also want to get the little guy started on parasite control products. During Fido’s appointments, take the opportunity to get some great advice from your vet on your puppy’s diet and exercise needs.


Training is crucial to good doggy behavior. The sooner you get started, the better! Be sure to teach your puppy basic obedience commands. The five most important ones are Sit , Stay , Come , Heel , and Lay Down . Housebreaking, of course, is also crucial. This is also the time to instill good habits, such as chewing properly.


Proper socialization is crucial to your puppy’s emotional and mental development. Little Fido should be exposed to many new experiences while he is little. This will help him be less wary of new faces and situations as an adult. Once your puppy has had his vaccinations, let him interact with friendly, adult dogs, and invite some friends over to play with him.


Provide your puppy with lots of fun toys to keep him amused and out of mischief. Also, take time to play with little Fido every day. We suspect this will be as much fun for you as it is for him!


Keep your little furball safe and sound by puppyproofing your home. Remove or secure toxic plants; medicine; wires and cords; small items that could be choking hazards; and household chemicals. Ask your vet for more information.


Love is the magic ingredient in any pet care regimen. Spend time with little Fido: pet him, play with him, and talk to him. You’ll be rewarded with love, loyalty, and lots of puppy kisses and tail wags. Score!

Does your puppy need vaccinations or an exam? Contact us, your Crown Point, IN animal clinic, today.