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Helpful Tips on Choosing Dog Toys

January 15 2016

Does your dog sometimes run to you with his favorite toy when he wants to play? Fido can be super adorable when he’s feeling frisky! Playing with your dog is great for both of you: it helps your pooch burn off excess energy, leaving you with a calmer, better-behaved pet. It’s also fun for you: it’s hard not to smile when watching your pet chase after a ball or stick. When it comes to picking your canine buddy’s playthings, make sure to put your furry pal’s safety first, and always pick safe and suitable toys. Below, a Crown Point, IN veterinarian discusses choosing doggy toys.

Choking Hazards

Choosing the wrong toy can be tragic! Choking is the main dangers posed by unsafe toys. This typically happens when dogs play with things that are too small for them, or when toys break off into small parts. Avoid items with small pieces that could snap off and choke your pet. Even squeaky toys can be dangerous, as some dogs will try to eat the noisy parts.

Chemical Hazards

Choking isn’t the only danger toys can pose. Some toys can also be toxic to our furry friends. Pet toys are not regulated. Some may contain dangerous materials, such as lead and chromium, or harmful dyes, preservatives, or chemicals. Since your beloved pet can easily ingest these materials by licking or chewing his toy, it’s worth the extra effort to check the label. If in doubt, pick something else!

Sizing Your Pet’s Toys

Always check the size recommendations on doggy toys. Don’t buy a small dog a toy that’s made for a bigger pooch, and don’t get little toys for a large dog. For instance, tennis balls are fun and appropriate for most mid-sized dogs, but are very dangerous for large breeds.

Picking The Right Match

Your pet’s personality is also something to consider. Does Fido sometimes act up when left alone? Give him a puzzle toy, which could keep him occupied for hours. If you have a puppy who is still teething, offer him plenty of chew toys. Active dogs may need more durable toys, like rope toys, while older pups may want something more comforting, like a stuffed animal.

Is your canine pal due for shots or an examination? Call us today! As your local Crown Point, IN pet hospital, we are always here to help!