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3 Things Your Cat Wants to Tell You

January 1 2016

Did you know that cats can make about a hundred different sounds? Some of our feline friends are quite chatty! If Fluffy could speak, what do you think she would say? A Crown Point, IN veterinarian gives an educated guess in this article.

I Want Breakfast… Right Meow

Fluffy certainly isn’t shy about letting you know she wants something to eat … even if her bowl is full! Kitties actually may have started meowing just to manipulate humans, or, more specifically, to get us to feed them. Those plaintive cries certainly are hard to resist! Keep Fluffy healthy and happy by feeding her the best food you can afford. Don’t let your furball guilt you into overfeeding her, though: you could wind up with a chubby cat, which would be bad for your feline pal’s health.

Let Me-Owt

While some kitties are perfectly content to live inside, and may even be frightened of the world outdoors, other furballs definitely love exploring. Your cat may cry at the door, or even try to slip out when it opens. Fluffy is much safer indoors, however: cats that go outside are exposed to many dangers, from cars to predators to weather. To help your feline pal accept life as an indoor cat, offer her lots of toys and fun window views, and play with her every day. If your adventurous pet still insists on trying to get out, try squirting her with water the next time she approaches the door.

I Love You Very Meowch

Sometimes cats just meow at us to be sociable. If your kitty talks, try talking back to her, mimicking the sound she made. It can be really fun to see how long you can keep the conversation going! Talking to your cat is actually great for both of you. Fluffy will know that you’re paying attention to her, and may very well become even more interactive. As for you, well, talking to your kitty is a great way to get things off your chest, or just vocalize random thoughts. But don’t be surprised if your furball rewards you with purrs, cuddles, and kisses!

Is your cat overdue for a veterinary examination? Please contact us, your Crown Point, IN veterinary clinic, anytime. We are here to provide our furry friends with excellent veterinary care, and are always happy to help.