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Choosing the Right Cat Tower

August 1 2015

Is your kitty a curious, playful ball of energy? Does your furball sometimes scratch your furniture? If so, you may want to consider getting Fluffy a cat tower. Towers are very beneficial for kitties: they offer exercise, a vantage point, a scratching post, and a napping spot, all in one. In this article, a Crown Point, IN veterinarian offers advice on choosing cat towers.


Make sure the tower is sturdy enough to support your furball’s playful antics without toppling over. Kitties love to hang, jump, and play on cat towers. If the tower wobbles or falls over, Fluffy may become frightened of it, and she may not use it.


In the wild, cats use trees both for manicures and for stretching. All that running, jumping, and playing really give cats a workout, so a good stretch will be rejuvenating. Choose a tower that allows Fluffy to stretch out to her full length.


Kitties naturally like high spots. Because their normal view of the world is so close to ground-level, high spots give them a much better vantage point. Also, high places give your kitty the perfect perch from which to look down at you with that smug, superior expression cats are so good at!


Cat towers come in many different configurations. Shy kitties may prefer a tower that includes some enclosed spaces. For senior felines, choose a tower with the lower levels close to the ground, so Fluffy doesn’t have to work quite as hard to climb it. Here’s an interesting fact: if you have more than one kitty, and a cat tower with multiple levels, the cat on top is the boss cat!

DIY Options

If you don’t have the budget for a new kitty tower, you can make your own. An easy way to do this is to repurpose an old wooden stepladder. Add planks to widen out the steps, and then cover it with carpet and/or sisal rope.

Tips on Placement

If possible, set the tower up in front of a window that offers a good view of your yard or a busy street. Our feline friends love to watch birds and squirrels, so this is a great way to offer Fluffy some stimulation.

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