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The Dangers of Obesity in Dogs

August 15 2015

Is your canine buddy starting to look a bit pudgy? If so, there’s a good chance that your four-legged pal needs to drop a few pounds. Fido is certainly not alone in this: by some estimates, over half of our canine friends are obese or overweight! Your dog may look cute if he’s chubby, but that extra weight is very bad for your furry pal’s health. In this article, a Crown Point, IN vet lists some of the dangers of obesity in dogs.

Heart Disease

Just like people, dogs have a higher risk of developing heart disease if they are overweight. Fido’s heart has to work much harder to pump blood through his body if he’s carrying extra weight. Over time, this can really take a toll.


Diabetes is a common health issue in dogs that are overweight, and can cause serious issues with Fido’s health!

Bone/Joint Damage

Fido’s bones and joints, as well as his tendons and ligaments, can become damaged over time by carrying extra weight. This can lead, contribute to or exacerbate several painful health conditions, such as arthritis and hip  dysplasia. Overweight dogs are also at higher risk of developing back problems, such as slipped disks.

Liver Problems

Obesity can also compromise Fido’s liver functions. Liver problems are not uncommon in overweight dogs, and can make your canine pal very sick.

Decreased Stamina

Our canine friends love to run, play, and explore, but if Fido is overweight, he’ll tire out very easily. He might lose his breath quickly, or become exhausted after just a few minutes of play.

Skin/Coat Problems

Obesity can be a factor in several skin and coat problems. The excess of fatty oils can irritate Fido’s skin, and lead to trouble!

The list of health risks caused by obesity in our four-legged buddies doesn’t end there! Dogs that are overweight also have a higher risk of complications from surgery and anesthesia; lower immunity; a higher likelihood of reproductive issues; and a lower tolerance for heat and cold. Sadly, those extra pounds can also decrease your pup’s life expectancy, and can even increase his risk of developing cancer. Keeping your canine pal at a healthy weight is very important to his well-being!

Do you know or suspect that your dog needs to lose weight? Contact us, your Crown Point, IN vet clinic. We are here to help!