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Improve Your Dog’s Health With a Well-Rounded Diet

July 15 2015

Your retriever mix Toby is a canine exercise machine. This four-year-old companion racks up some impressive workouts, combining neighborhood walks with high-energy activities. He’s an enthusiastic fan of fly-ball and fast-paced fetch games; and he recently discovered dock diving. To fuel these vigorous sports, Toby needs a top-quality diet. After giving your dog expert nutritional counseling, your Merrillville, IN vet has prescribed a nutritionally balanced food.

Power-Providing Proteins

Toby’s cells, tissues, and organs demand a consistent supply of high-quality proteins. His body welcomes animal-sourced proteins such as beef, turkey, chicken, lamb, and fish.

Energizing Carbohydrate Fuel

Carbohydrates provide fuel to Toby’s tissues, giving him important energy boosts. Carbs also help to keep his intestinal system running smoothly. Although canine nutritional profiles lack a minimum carb requirement, your companion must have a small amount of glucose for his brain and other vital organs.

Multipurpose Fats

Surprisingly, fats provide your dog with the densest possible form of energy, much denser than proteins or carbs. Fats also insulate his organs from extreme hot or cold temperatures. Since your active pooch could injure himself, fats help to protect his organs against trauma. Because his body doesn’t produce enough essential fatty acids, he must receive them from his diet.

Vitally Important Vitamins

To balance his metabolism, Toby regularly needs small amounts of certain vitamins. Although his balanced diet likely provides them, your vet can also prescribe a specific supplement.

Most Important Minerals

Your pooch’s bone and tooth structures need minerals for strength and integrity. These versatile substances also help to balance his body’s fluids. Since his body doesn’t make these vital nutrients, he must obtain them through a well-formulated diet.

Life-Essential Water

Toby’s body craves lots of fresh, clean water daily. After all, water comprises 60 to 70 percent of his body weight. If his body’s water is suddenly reduced by 10 percent, he’ll become very ill. If he suffers a 15 percent water reduction, he will probably die, a dire consequence you want to avoid.

As Toby moves through his adult years, and then becomes a senior pooch, your Crown Point, IN vet will adjust his diet accordingly. Your companion might enjoy a tasty senior dog blend, or perhaps a targeted formulation that supports treatment for a chronic medical problem. To give your dog a vet-prescribed nutritional plan, contact us for an appointment.