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Watch for These Unusual Senior Cat Symptoms

July 1 2015

Your ten-year-old cat Lester has stormed into his senior cat years. This feisty orange tabby still enjoys his cat toys, and he regularly keeps your teenaged cat in line with some well-timed growls and paw swipes. Although your dignified companion is healthy, he’s susceptible to age-linked medical conditions, some of which might show strange symptoms. Fortunately, your Merrillville, IN veterinarian can diagnose and treat Lester’s ailments.

Nutrition and Weight Fluctuations

With regular exercise and a balanced diet, Lester has maintained a healthy weight. However, perhaps he has recently been leaving uneaten food in his bowl. Or, maybe your hearty-eating cat still enjoys his meals, but he has clearly become thinner. Either way, a developing medical problem could be to blame.

First, the vet will diagnose and treat your cat’s medical issue. Next, she’ll determine if his nutritional needs are different. If so, she can prescribe another food and/or restructure his daily feeding schedule.

Urinary and Intestinal Issues

Lester has always faithfully urinated in his litter box. You can’t remember any accidents. However, maybe he has been leaving smelly urine puddles on your hardwood floor. You might also notice a change in his water consumption. Since these symptoms might signal an emerging medical condition, pack him off to the vet immediately.

Your feline housemate’s defecation habits have also been exemplary. He even scoops litter on his deposits to reduce the smell. However, maybe your reliable cat has just experienced several episodes of stinky diarrhea. You don’t want him to become dehydrated, and you’d like to find out what’s wrong. Take him to the vet without delay.

Strange Anti-Social Actions

Your bossy buddy Lester frequently indulges his softer side, insisting on regular head scratches and belly rubs. However, maybe he has suddenly begun crawling under the couch when you approach him. Perhaps he has also been hissing at beloved family members. Ask your vet if your cat’s strange anti-social antics could indicate a medical or behavioral issue.

Numerous Diagnostic Tools

Your vet might begin with a Comprehensive Blood Panel and a urinalysis. She could add chest and/or abdominal x-rays. If necessary, she can request more sophisticated tests, such as an ultrasound or electrocardiogram.

Your Merrillville, IN veterinarian will analyze Lester’s test results, and will design a tailored treatment program. If your senior cat has shown unusual symptoms, contact us for expert advice.