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Dental Health Tips for Guinea Pigs

June 15 2015

Do you own a guinea pig? Great dental care is one of the most important aspects of their overall health. Here, a Crown Point, IN veterinarian offers a few tips on how to keep your guinea pig’s teeth and mouth in top-notch shape.

Chew Toys

Every guinea pig needs a few good chew toys. If a pig’s teeth were to become overly long, they can cause gum problems or impact other teeth, resulting in pain and other issues. Chew toys or chewing sticks help file down the teeth, preventing them from getting too long. They also provide your pig with an alternative chewing option than the wire sides of their cage. Ask your veterinarian for a recommendation on a good type of chew toy for your guinea pig.


Like humans, guinea pigs can’t manufacture vitamin C themselves, and require it in supplementary form through their diet. Therefore, a guinea pig will need plenty of vitamin C from foods like apples, peppers, carrots, kiwi, and other fruits and vegetables to keep their teeth and other body parts strong and healthy. Be sure to take out all seeds from fruits before giving it to your pet. Remember that guinea pigs will also need to be fed a regular pellet food as well as plenty of Timothy hay, which also helps keep the teeth ground down.

If you’d like more suggestions about good fruits and veggies to feed your pig, or a recommendation on the proper pellet food, give your vet’s office a call.

Consistent Mouth Exams

Every week or so, try to get a look inside your guinea pig’s mouth. Take note of anything that looks abnormal, like crowded teeth, discoloration, bleeding, swelling, etc. Let your veterinarian know right away if you think something isn’t right.

Watch for Odd Behavior

Keep an eye on your guinea pig’s behavior, as this is a good way to tell if something might be wrong in the dental department. A guinea pig who isn’t eating regularly, loses weight, or acts especially skittish may have a medical issue of some kind. You’ll want to take your pig to their veterinarian for a checkup.

Visit the Veterinarian

Regular veterinary visits allow the vet to administer preventative care to your guinea pig, lessening the chances of problems occurring in the future. Set up regular appointments for your guinea pig at your Crown Point, IN pet clinic!