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Pamper Your Pet For Pet Appreciation Week

June 1 2023

Pet Appreciation Week starts June 4th! We certainly aren’t short of reasons to show our animal companions the love and appreciation they deserve. Fido and Fluffy make us laugh, provide us with unconditional love, reduce our stress, and are even good for our health. Read on as a local Merrillville, IN vet lists some great ways to make your beloved pet feel loved, safe, and a little (or a lot) spoiled.


When it comes to pampering Man’s Best Friend, toys and treats are at the top of the list. If Fido is getting older, and/or has any issues with chronic pain, he may benefit from gentle alternative treatments, such as massage or Chinese herbal medicine. A supervised swim session may be a great way for your canine pal to stay active and stay cool, assuming that he likes the water.  A new bed may also get that tail going.


Kitties somehow manage to be one of the easiest pets to care for and the ones that get us to spoil them the most. Fortunately for us, it’s not too hard to please our feline overlords. Catnip, window seats, beds, pet furniture, and empty boxes will all do the trick. You can also make your little buddy a catio or cat garden. Put all of the things we mentioned above into an enclosed porch or patio, or perhaps a sunny room or corner, and tell Fluffy to stay away. She’ll immediately make a beeline for her new spot!

Birds, Reptiles, Exotics

Birds, reptiles, pocket pets, and exotics, also have some raving fans. New perches are always a great option for our feathered friends. Polly may also enjoy an outdoor aviary. Exotics, reptiles, and pocket pets may also like new hides or digs. Do some research, and try something new. Just stick with safe options, especially for things like food or treats. Ask your vet for specific advice on these things.

All Animals

No matter what kind of pet you have, pay them some extra attention. All pets enjoy playtime and snuggles. This is also a good chance to snap a cute picture of your furred, feathered, scaled, or shelled buddy. We never get tired of seeing cute pet pictures! 

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Please feel free to contact us, your Merrillville, IN pet hospital, anytime!