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Holistic Summer Dog Care

May 15 2023

Summer is a fun time for our canine companions. Fido gets to run and play in the sun, and get his workouts in exploring pretty trails. If you’re trying to lead a greener, more natural lifestyle, keep that in mind as you prepare your pooch for the coming heat. A Crown Point, IN vet offers some holistic summer dog care tips in this article.

Paw Balm

Fido’s furry feet are quite sensitive. Your furry friend can get painful burns and blisters from running around on hot or harsh surfaces. You’ll need to be extra careful after your pooch has been swimming. Dogs’ paws are very delicate when they’re wet, just as our skin is. Use a natural paw balm to protect those cute toe beans. Coconut oil will also work.


Hydration is crucial at this time of year. Make sure Fido always has fresh water. If your tap water isn’t great, install a filtration system on your faucet or water system. If your pup likes to splash in the spray from a hose, get a filter for the hose.


It’s important to keep your canine buddy protected from dangerous parasites, such as fleas, ticks, and heartworm. Talk to your vet about preventative care products. You can also make your home less hospitable to harmful bugs by sprinkling food-grade diatomaceous earth around your window sills and door jambs.

Cold Treats

Who doesn’t enjoy a cool treat on a sweltering day? Get an ice cube tray just for Fido, and use it to freeze organic beef or chicken broth into cubes. You can also spruce these up by adding shredded meat or safe veggies.

Skunk Alert

Fido is known for having the occasional run-in with skunks. The old tried-and-true tomato juice remedy works, but is sloppy. However, a mix of 1 qt hydrogen peroxide, ¼ cup baking soda, and 1 tsp of Dawn dish soap also works well.


Do you have a yard for Fido to run around in? Make sure there are no dangerous plants in the yard. Some common ones include jimsonweed, foxgloves, oleanders, azaleas, jasmine, honeysuckle, and foxtails, which aren’t toxic but are still dangerous because of sharp seed awls. You can find more at the ASPCA website here.

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? As your Crown Point, IN pet clinic, we’re happy to help!