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Helping A Shelter Cat Settle In

June 1 2022

June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month! Many of our most beloved patients are former shelter kitties that are now living it up as pampered pets. If you’re ready to bring a new cat into your life, please consider adopting a shelter pet. Of course, those first few days with Fluffy are very important. You want to make sure you and your new pet get started out on the right paw in life. Read on as a Crown Point, IN vet offers some advice on helping your feline pal settle in.

Proper Setup

Try to have everything you need for Fluffy ready and waiting before you bring her home. Your furry buddy will need kitty essentials, such as food, toys, treats, a litterbox and litter, a scratching post or board, and a travel carrier. You may also want to get some pieces of kitty furniture, such as cat towers or pet condos. While many of these things are one-size-fits-all, there are a few things that should be selected according to your feline friend’s age and/or health. For instance, you don’t want to get clumping litter for kittens, as it can be dangerous for them. Ask your vet for specific advice.


This one doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone: if you live in a small apartment and Fluffy will be an only pet, you can set things up however you like. However, if you have a large house and/or other pets, you’ll want to keep your newcomer contained to a specific room or area at first. This can also be helpful for timid kitties, as they may need more time to feel safe in new surroundings.

Let Love Grow

Don’t force attention on your new feline buddy. In order to build trust, it’s very important that Fluffy come to you. Sit on the floor and call your kitty to you. You can hold out a treat or wave a toy to entice her. Some cats will immediately walk up to you and curl up in your lap. Others will need time to approach, and will only warm up gradually. Let Fluffy get comfortable on her own time. To get that motor going, offer your new pet lots of toys and playtime. Empty boxes and catnip won’t hurt, either.

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