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Picking Plants For Pets

May 15 2022

Do you enjoy gardening? Plants not only help filter the air, they are also great for our mental health. In fact, recent studies have discovered that some of the microbes in soil are natural antidepressants. The mycobacterium vaccae in particular has been shown to produce similar effects on the human brain as medications like Prozac. But how does this affect our animal companions? Well, if you have a pet, you’ll need to keep your furry friend in mind when choosing plants. A Crown Point, IN vet offers some advice on this below.

Benefits Of Plants

One great reason to have houseplants? They are great at purifying the air. Some pet-safe options are rubber plants, Spider plants, and bamboo palms. Keep some of these near Fluffy’s litterbox or Fido’s bed. Kitties also like being able to peer out at their humans from behind green leaves.

Dangerous Plants

Many plants are toxic to our furry pals. However, while some only cause minor symptoms, like an upset stomach, a few are extremely dangerous. For Fido, the Sago palm is probably at the top of that list. Dogs sometimes like to chew on the seed pods. This can unfortunately result in severe medical issues, including liver failure and gastrointestinal distress. As for Fluffy, lilies are one of the biggest concerns. The whole plant is poisonous to your kitty! Even drinking the water could make her very sick! Bulbed plants, such as tulips and daffodils are also unsafe. That includes garlic, onions, scallions, and chives, too. Also on the no-no list are many members of the araceae family, which includes pothos, oleanders, and philodendrons, as well as many lilies. Check the ASPCA website here for more information.


Toxicity isn’t the only thing to keep in mind here. You’ll want to be careful about putting sharp plants at your dog’s eye level. This goes double if Fido has bulging eyes, like many pugs and Boston terriers do.


Keep your pet in mind when arranging plants. If you put a pretty little pot on Fluffy’s favorite windowsill, you can probably expect to find it in pieces on the floor fairly quickly. Keep heavier pots either on the floor or on very sturdy stands. You don’t want your kitty pulling something over on her!

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