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Earth Day With Fido

April 15 2022

 Earth Day is coming up quickly: it’s on April 22nd this year. With the environmental and climate issues we are facing growing ever more dire, it’s important to raise awareness about the things that are threatening our beautiful planet and all of the amazing life we share it with. Of course, our canine companions are always happy to join in on anything we are doing or celebrating. Read on as a Crown Point, IN veterinarian lists some cute ways you can enjoy Earth Day with Fido, and perhaps even reduce his carbon pawprint. 


Do you have old toys or bedding that your pup isn’t using any more? Contact a local animal shelter, and see if they could use any of the items.

Get Plants

Plants add a classy, cozy touch to any residence. They also help filter the air, and bring a little of the outdoors in. Pick out something new for your home. Just be sure to stick with pet-safe plants. You can check the ASPCA site here for options.

Reduce Waste

This is one area where small changes can make big differences. Here’s a simple one: opt for washable cloths instead of paper towels for cleaning. Buying in bulk can also help!

Keep Up With Wellness

Did you know that just keeping your four-legged friend up to date with vaccines and parasite control will help conserve resources? It’s both easier and more eco-friendly to prevent infestations and diseases than it is to treat pets for these issues.

Revisit Doggy Products

There are eco-friendly product options out there for just about anything, from cleaning supplies to pet wipes to waste baggies. Take a look at what’s in your home, and switch to greener options.

Get Fido Fixed

Did you know that there are as many as 70 million homeless dogs in the U.S.? Pet overpopulation is a huge problem! In fact, one pair of pooches can have as many as 67,000 descendants in just 6 years. Don’t let your furry buddy add to the problem by having—or siring—unplanned litters.


One thing dogs are always up for? A trip to a local park. Get outside and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine with your canine companion. It will be good for both of you!

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