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6 Great Reasons To Celebrate Shelter Pet Day

April 2 2022

Celebrate Shelter Pet Day is April 11th. This is one holiday we’re happy to help spread the word about. Quite a few of our patients were adopted from shelters! A Crown Point, IN veterinarian lists a few great reasons to celebrate them in this article.

They Need Help

There are far too many pets in shelters, hoping someone will take them home and care for them. Sadly, many of them don’t have much time to get adopted. While more and more shelters are going no-kill, this unfortunately isn’t universal. Saving an animal’s life is not only a wonderful act of kindness, it can also be a very rewarding and profound experience.

Unconditional Love

Many people insist that the pets they’ve adopted from shelters are extremely loving and loyal. Our animal companions definitely know when someone has helped them, and often reward their saviors with unwavering love and devotion.

Shelter Pets Are Innocent

Animals end up in shelters through no fault of their own. Some are former pets that got lost or ran away. Others have been surrendered, abandoned, or rescued, either from the streets or, in some sad cases, from neglectful owners. Everyone has bad luck sometimes. Unfortunately, pets are not able to control their lives or destinies, and they need our help.

Awareness Matters

We would ultimately love for there to be few or no pets in shelters.. While no one person can solve the greater issue of homeless pets, any effort or progress counts. Even spreading the word via social media can make a difference.

They’re Perfect Fits!

It’s always interesting to see how some people immediately connect with specific dogs or cats. One person might fall in love with a goofy bulldog, while another may go for that timid Beagle. Sometimes you just know when you’ve found your new furry best friend. This is actually a very special moment. It’s important to always listen to your heart!

Second Chances

We believe that everyone—both people and pets—deserves second chances. It’s a wonderful feeling to help a pet blossom from a scared, sad, lonely shelter resident into a happy, healthy, and beloved pet. In fact, many people insist that the pets they have adopted have saved them in turn!

 Do you have a shelter pet? Please contact us, your Crown Point, IN animal hospital, for your furry friend’s veterinary care needs.