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Benefits of Holistic Pet Care

February 1 2022

Holistic pet care has been on the rise for a while, and with good reason. It really has some wonderful benefits! It also has something to offer for almost any pet. Read on as a Crown Point, IN vet lists some reasons to consider holistic veterinary care.


Our patients are all unique individuals, and their care should reflect that. Holistic care is never one-size-fits-all. In fact, it incorporates a wide variety of treatment options, from acupuncture to Chinese Herbal Medicine. This means that your vet will be able to offer treatment and care recommendations based on your animal companion’s individual needs. For instance, acupuncture may help an older dog move around more easily, which Chinese Herbal Medicine may benefit a pup with gastrointestinal issues.

Natural Approach

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, or perhaps just live a healthier, more natural lifestyle, you may find that holistic pet care very much aligns with your goals. Many holistic regimes go hand-in-paw with eco-friendly lifestyle choices, such as choosing organic foods. 

Test Of Time 

Modern veterinary medicine has made amazing progress over the last few decades, and continues to forge ahead with new treatments and knowledge. That’s wonderful, and we are looking forward to all and any new options that will help us keep our patients healthy. However, there’s also something to be said for tried and true methods. Holistic methods have been around for a long time, and have definitely stayed the course.


You don’t have to choose between holistic and modern veterinary medicine. In fact, many of our patients do best with a combination of both. Ask your vet for more information. 

Preventative Care

You’ve heard the saying about an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure? That goes double for pets! Holistic care is great for wellness and preventative care. Options like Chinese herbal therapy can sometimes address imbalances in the body before medical problems form. 

Whole-Body Health

Holistic care, as the name suggests, focuses on the entire body, with the intent being to heal from the inside out. This can benefit both people and pets!


One of the great things about holistic treatments is that they typically have little or no risk of side effects. What’s not to love? 

Do you want to learn more about holistic veterinary care? Contact us, your Crown Point, IN animal clinic!