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Taking Your Dragon To The Vet

January 15 2022

January 16th is Appreciate A Dragon Day! This is a great day for watching a dragon movie, but it’s also a perfect reminder to show real-life dragons some love. Bearded dragons are becoming quite popular, which makes sense, as they’re such cute and fascinating little pets. Of course, just like any other animal, they need proper veterinary care. A Crown Point, IN vet discusses taking beardies to the vet below.


Like other reptiles, bearded dragons can’t regulate their body temperature internally. They need to be in warm environments to stay healthy. Getting cold, even for a little while, can severely impact your pet’s digestion, and could make him quite sick. Have your car warmed up before you bring the little guy out. Unless it’s a sweltering summer day, you’ll also need to provide some sort of heat source for transport. Some options are microwaved rice socks, hot water bottles, heat packs, hand warmers, and even plastic bottles filled with hot water. Don’t put these in spots where they could roll over onto your pet. One option is to put the carrier in a larger box or tub, and arrange them so they’re packed around the outside of the carrier.


We always recommend keeping pets in crates for travel. Plastic storage tubs work well for this, though you will need to add some air holes for ventilation. You can also use a cat carrier or a small vivarium. Adding warm blankets and towels will keep your dragon warm and comfy. Buckle or secure the carrier so your little dinosaur can’t get jostled around.


Put a harness on your reptilian pal, in case he slips away. Bearded dragons are the perfect size to get stuck under a car seat!


Stress and travel can take a toll on your dragon, which, as mentioned above, can affect his digestion and health. Your vet may recommend not feeding your beardie before his appointment. Ask for specific advice on this.


How often should you take your beardie to the vet? We recommend going at least once a year. Beardies don’t need vaccines, but they do require annual fecal checks to ensure they don’t have parasites. You should also make an appointment if you notice any signs of illness.

Do you have questions about bearded dragon care? Contact us, your Crown Point, IN animal clinic, today!