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Holiday Stress And Pets

December 1 2021

Season’s Greetings! This time of year is lots of fun, but it can also be a bit stressful for pets. Many of our animal companions get quite unsettled by noise, change, and commotion. Travel, visitors, decorations, and even changing weather can all upset your furred (or scaled or feathered) friend. Here, Crown Point, IN vet offers some tips on keeping pets happy and calm over the next few weeks.


Our canine pals are all unique individuals. Some dogs see guests as walking opportunities for treats, belly rubs, and playtime. Others are nervous, scared, or suspicious of strangers. If your pup falls into the latter category, tire him out with a fun play session before having visitors. You may also want to puppyproof a quiet room, and put Fido in there with food, bedding, toys, and, of course, a few treats.


Cats often get very frightened when there are a lot of strangers in their domains. If you host a dinner or party, make sure that Fluffy has a quiet spot to retreat to. Shy kitties will appreciate something enclosed, where they won’t feel as exposed. This can be a cat condo, or even just a box.

Smaller Animals

Smaller pets, like birds, Guinea pigs, and reptiles, can also get stressed out around the holidays. If you’re having a party, cover your pet’s cage or put it in a quiet back room. 

Pet Care

Are you travelling for the holidays? You’ll need to find someone to take care of your pet. Unless you have a perfect petsitter lined up, we would generally recommend boarding. Ask your vet for specific advice.

All Pets

Taking some time to play with your animal companion can be very helpful. This will help them burn off their excess energy, so they’ll be calmer after. If you usually get your pet toys as gifts, consider giving them some of their presents early.


Just like people, pets often feel safest when they’re in a warm, comfy spot. A new bed is a great holiday gift! There’s no reason you can’t give your pet their bed a little early. If you have a smaller pet, consider getting them a bigger cage or habitat. You may also want to add some extra bedding.

Season’s Greetings from everyone here at Southlake Animal Hospital, your local Crown Point, IN animal clinic. Please contact us anytime!