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7 Reasons To Be Thankful For Pets

November 15 2021

Thanksgiving isn’t far off now. While food, festivities, and family are the main agendas for many people, it’s also important to recognize the spirit of the holiday: gratitude. We’re definitely grateful, for our animal companions, and everything they offer us. A Crown Point, IN vet lists some reasons to be thankful for pets below.

Health Benefits

Did you know that pets are actually good for us? Studies have shown that people who have pets tend to have better immune systems, lowered risks of strokes or heart attacks. 


Our furry friends can be a wonderful source of comfort for anyone dealing with anxiety or depression. Anyone who’s ever cried into a pet’s fur or hugged an animal companion on a bad day can attest to this one. 

Alarm System

Fido takes his door doggy role very seriously, and will always let you know when there is someone at the door. That provides many people with an extra level of security, and may just make your home feel a bit safer.

Live Entertainment

Our furry buddies certainly do have a way of making us laugh. Fluffy and Fido are absolutely hilarious when they’re acting silly! It’s hard not to laugh at a kitty pouncing on a catnip mouse, or when watching a pooch happily playing with a new toy.

Special Friendships

The bond we form with pets is very unique and beautiful, and is different from any of our human relationships. Fluffy and Fido have a special way of getting into our hearts, and filling them with love.

Benefits For Kids

Pets are also great for children, for several reasons. They offer friendship, companionship, love, and cuddles, which can be extremely comforting and helpful for kids on bad days. All that fur and dust may also be beneficial physically. Studies indicate that kids with pets have better immunity and are less likely to have allergies than those who don’t have pets.

Unconditional Love

Pets stay with us through all of life’s ups and downs. That’s pretty amazing when you think about it. It’s not uncommon for a dog or cat to be with their humans throughout various relationships, friendships, and jobs, and even marriages. That’s a truly precious gift!.

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