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5 Reasons To Celebrate Love Your Pet Day

February 15 2021

Love Your Pet Day is February 20th! Of course, you don’t really need much of a reason to spoil your animal companion. However, this is a good chance to think about all the things pets do for us, and the way they brighten up our lives. A local Crown Point, IN vet lists some of them below.


One of the best things about pets is the fact that they are so loyal. Our animal friends offer unconditional, undying friendship, and will stay with you no matter what life hurls at you. In fact, pets often stay in our lives as we change jobs, move, and start and end friendships and relationships.

Health Benefits

Did you know that having pets is actually good for you? People with dogs tend to be healthier—and slimmer—than those without pups. Cats are also great for our mental health. Pets are also good for kids! Studies have shown that children who grow up with pets tend to be more empathic, and less prone to allergy problems. 


Cats do protect their humans from dangerous creatures such as mice, chipmunks, moths, and the occasional bear. However, this one mostly applies to Fido. Our canine companions make great guardians, and help keep our homes and properties safe. Even small dogs often tend to bark when there is someone at the door.

Comedic Relief

Our four-legged buddies certainly bring a lot of laughter into our lives. Dogs are absolutely hilarious when they’re being their happy, goofy, lovable selves. It’s almost impossible not to smile when you see Fido joyfully bounding after his favorite toy! Of course, our feline pals also have a way of keeping us entertained. Fluffy is really funny when she’s pouncing on something, meowing at you, or sometimes even just sleeping in an odd place or position.


If you’ve ever formed a close bond with an animal, you likely know how comforting they can be. Fido may put his paw on your leg if he senses that you’re feeling down. As for kitties, there’s  just something very soothing about their purrs and cuddles. The love of a pet is a truly special thing, and one that should be cherished. 

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