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Tips for Adopting a Rescued Bunny

February 1 2021

February is Adopt A Bunny Month! If you’re thinking about getting a bunny, this is a perfect time to do it. A veterinarian Crown Point, IN discusses adopting a rescued rabbit below.

Find A Bunny Vet

Not all veterinarians have experience working with bunnies. Floppy is very different than Fluffy and Fido! A great rabbit vet will not only help you keep your pet healthy, they’ll also be able to offer advice and care tips.

Fix The Furball

Spaying and neutering is just as beneficial for bunnies as it is for dogs and cats. It not only prevents unwanted litters, it also helps with behavioral issues, such as spraying and aggression.

Keep Floppy Indoors

Even in a good hutch, bunnies are susceptible to weather, parasites, and predators outdoors. Plus, rabbits are very sociable and friendly. Floppy is just happier being around her people!

Get A Great Cage

A roomy, comfy cage is a must! Make sure Floppy has room to hop, stretch, eat, and play without tripping over her things or touching her cage walls or ceiling. You’ll also need to add suitable substrate. Avoid pine or cedar shavings, as they aren’t safe for rabbits.

Don’t Forget To Bunnyproof

Floppy will need several hours out of her cage every day. She’ll likely spend a chunk of this time nibbling on things. In addition to providing lots of suitable chew toys, you’ll need to do some petproofing. Cover or protect loose cords, furniture legs, and baseboards, and keep things like toxic plants, remote controls, personal items, shoes, purses, medicine, and anything small or sharp out of paws’ reach.

Get A Litterbox

Did you know that rabbits can be litterbox trained? This will definitely be worth your time! Ask your vet for specific tips, including product choices, training, and placement.

Be Prepared For Molts

Unlike dogs and cats, rabbits shed their entire coats at once. A few times a year, Floppy will basically explode. You’ll need to brush her daily during molts. Your vet may also recommend a hairball preventative.

Enjoy The Binkies

We all know that dogs wag their tails when they’re happy, and cats purr. Rabbits do binkies, which are basically super cute bunny dances. It’s probably safe to say that you’ll find these utterly endearing!

Do you have questions or concerns about bunny care? Call us, your Crown Point, IN veterinary clinic, today!