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Benefits of Adopting A Senior Cat

November 1 2020

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month! While there’s no bad time to adopt a senior kitty—or any kitty, for that matter—homeless cats in their golden years often desperately need forever homes. These lovable felines have a hard time competing with kittens, and are often passed over. That’s really sad, as they make wonderful animal companions. Here, vets Crown Point, IN lists a few reasons to consider adopting an older furball. 

Fewer Shenanigans

Kittens are of course beyond adorable. They’re also basically tiny, furry bundles of mischief. Older cats, however, are more interesting in napping than in trying to climb your drapes or knocking everything off the coffee table. Actually, Fluffy will spend most of her time sleeping. This makes her very easy to care for.

Calm Pet

Another good thing about older cats is they tend to be quite laid back. Fluffy may not be as quick to bite or scratch, and she’s often quite patient with young children. (Note: it is very important to teach kids to be extremely gentle with older pets.) 

No Surprises

Kittens and puppies can change quite dramatically as they grow. With senior cats, you don’t have to wonder about what your pet will look like in a few years, or what their personality will be like. This is actually a huge benefit, because it allows you to make sure that you’re adopting the kitty that is right for you. 

Shorter Commitment

When you adopt a kitten, you may be signing on for well over a decade of pet parenting. An older cat won’t have that much time, soothe overall commitments shorter. That said, adopting any pet is a lifetime promise, so don’t proceed unless you’re ready for that! 

Save Money

Another perk of getting an older kitty? They’re often available at discounts. That means more money for toys and catnip!

Already Fixed

An older cat that is up for adoption will most likely already be fixed, and hopefully microchipped. Fluffy should also be current on vaccines and parasite control. 

Purrfect Pets

Older cats are often very sweet and cuddly, and they really just want a comfy spot to curl up in. They also can be extremely affectionate!

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