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Fido’s Cutest Life Goals

August 1 2020

Have you ever wondered what your dog really wants out of life? It’s easy to figure out Fluffy’s ‘purrposes’: sleeping, looking cute, and bossing us around. Fido, as it turns out, may have more lofty goals. A local Crown Point, IN vet lists a few of them below.


First and foremost, Fido’s main goal in life is to love and be loved. That’s one reason we’re so supportive of adopting shelter dogs. There are too many homeless pooches just hoping someone will take them home and love them!


Man’s Best Friend is very, very fond of food. Bacon, sausage, and other fatty meats are definitely doggy favorites. You don’t want to go overboard with these high-calorie snacks, but you can indulge your canine friend every now and then. However, for the most part, you’ll want to stick to healthier options.


Dogs love to explore. (Actually, Fido’s taste for adventure may be a bit too strong for his own good, but that’s another topic.) Let your pooch enjoy some changes of scenery. Take him to parks, trails, or beaches sometimes, and just let him sniff the grass. This is a great reminder of the importance of stopping to smell the roses.

Belly Rubs

Our canine companions have a special way of keeping us grounded, and reminding us that sometimes it really is the little things that matter most. Belly rubs, ear scritches, forehead rubs, and back scratches are all pretty awesome in Fido’s book.

Being A Good Boy

Our four-legged friends really do strive to please their owners. It’s always adorable to see Fido getting that happy, proud look he gets when you compliment him! Remember to reward your cute pet when he’s being good.


Fido is super playful, which is always fun to watch. Indulge your furry buddy’s frisky streak, and take time to play with him every day. This will be good for you both!

Quality Time

Your canine pal really wants nothing more than to spend as much time with you as possible. Help your pooch make this goal by carving out time for him every day. There are few better ways to wind down at night than by hanging out with your furry best friend.

Please reach out to us, your local Crown Point, IN vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!