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The Branches of Chinese Veterinary Medicine

July 15 2020

Here at Southlake Animal Hospital, we are proud to offer a combination of both traditional and holistic care. This allows us to offer both high-tech, modern treatments and gentler, natural remedies, thereby offering the best of both worlds. Chinese medicine has allowed us to help many of our patients feel better. There are actually several branches of this time-honored practice. A Crown Point, IN veterinarian discusses the key ones below.


Acupuncture utilizes small needles to stimulate the body at certain points. According to traditional Chinese beliefs, this helps manipulate the flow of energy, or Qi , through the body, almost like the way wires move electricity through your house. Modern medicine has discovered a fascinating authentication of this ancient practice. The needles stimulate nerve centers, which improves circulation, reduces pain, and stimulates the body to release healing hormones.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine has been practiced in all societies, in one form or another, since the dawn of history. In Chinese herbal medicine, the focus is often on combining specific herbs to treat medical issues. These are typically offered in oral form, either by pill or powder, often with wonderful results.

Food Therapy

You may recall that famous quote by Hippocrates: Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. The ancient philosopher was definitely thinking along the same lines as traditional Chinese healers. As the name suggests, food therapy uses diet and nutrition to treat specific conditions. This can be very helpful in areas such as allergies, skin/fur problems, and, of course, gastrointestinal issues. However, this can supplement many other types of treatment, and can be used to help treat a huge list of medical issues. This makes perfect sense. After all, good health starts with good nutrition!


Massage can be just as soothing and helpful for pets as it is for people! Tui-Na is a specific type of medical massage. In this practice, the body is manipulated in specific ways. This also alters and corrects the flow of energy ( Qi ) through the body, and helps repair imbalances in your pet’s organs and/or internal systems.

Tai Chi

There is a fifth branch of Chinese medicine: tai chi. However, this doesn’t really apply to veterinary medicine, since there’s no way to get Fluffy and Fido to perform the exercises!

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