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Benefits of Having Pets

July 1 2020

Pets are much more than furry little roommates. They’re part of the family. In fact, our animal companions are actually very good for us! Read on as a local Crown Point, IN vet lists some of the benefits of having pets.


First and foremost, pets have a special way of making our houses into homes. They also brighten up our days with their cute mannerisms. Fido is absolutely hilarious when he’s running after a ball or playfully bouncing around after that little red dot. Fluffy’s adorable quirks and habits also make for true comedy gold. It’s almost impossible not to chuckle when watching a frisky feline ‘stalking’ a catnip mouse or attacking a shoelace. Laughter is good for the soul, and our furry friends definitely provide us with lots of it!


Pets are very loyal and loving, and they often seem to sense when we are down and/or need extra snuggles. When things aren’t going well, our furry pals may stick extra close to us, offering cuddles and purrs that help us get through even the worst days. Fluffy’s soothing purrs and Fido’s affectionate smooches are wonderful for our mental and emotional well-being. That’s why it’s becoming more and more common to find pets comforting people in places like nursing homes and hospice facilities.

Health Benefits

Studies have shown that the comfort and love pets give us can translate into some very tangible health benefits, such as lower blood pressure and reduced risk of stroke and heart attack. That’s not all! People with dogs tend to be slimmer and fitter than those without pooches. (All those daily walks really do add up.) Kitties also benefit us. Fluffy purrs at the exact frequencies used in physical therapy to promote healing.


Pets are also great for kids. Fluffy and Fido make excellent playmates. The comfort and cuddles, they offer can be very comforting to youngsters on bad days. Our animal companions also teach children about things like friendship, loyalty, and unconditional love. This may be why kids who grow up with pets tend to be very empathetic and sensitive. Finally, kids with pets often have stronger immune systems and fewer allergies than those without animal friends.

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