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Fido’s Favorite Jobs

June 15 2020

June 26 th is Take Your Dog To Work Day! Of course, not all bosses will be thrilled to find that they have suddenly acquired a furry, four-legged, tail-wagging staff member. That’s not a bad thing. After all, Fido has plenty of duties to see to at home! A Crown Point, IN vet lists some key ones below.


Man’s Best Friend has been invaluable when it comes to protecting our homes. Even if your pup is a friendly, lovable goofball, he’ll probably still bark to let you know there’s someone at the door.

Fitness Trainer

Did you know that people with dogs tend to be healthier than those without pooches? They’re also less likely to be obese. All those daily walks really do add up!


One of the best things about dogs is the fact that they offer unconditional love and support. Your pooch will always be there for you on bad days, and will do his best to comfort you, either by putting his paw on your leg, leaning against you, or just sticking close by.


Our canine pals certainly have a knack for making us laugh. It’s impossible not to chuckle at some of Fido’s adorable quirks and antics, or his lovably clumsy shenanigans!

Vacuum Cleaner

One might think that dogs are very opportunistic when it comes to food. Fido will snap up anything that falls to the floor. However, this is really just his way of keeping your home clean.

Couch Warmer

Have you ever gotten up, and come back to find Fido in your seat? That’s your canine companion dutifully keeping your spot warm!

Area Rug

Dogs may not sleep quite as much as cats do, but they do enjoy their shuteye. Sooner or later, you’ll find your furry pal more or less melted onto the floor with his legs splayed out, like, well, an adorable area rug.


Fido has had a very long time to work on his theatrical skills. His number one act? That sad puppy routine he puts on when he knows you have bacon.

Life Coach

Dogs can be quite inspirational! Fido will not only make sure that you get outside regularly, he’ll also remind you to stop and smell the roses, and to just relax and have fun!

Please feel free to contact us, your Crown Point, IN vet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help! 

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