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Common Thanksgiving Pet Hazards

November 15 2017

Is your pet ready for Thanksgiving? Like most holidays, there a few pet-specific hazards to be aware of on this special day. Fortunately, a few simple precautions will keep your animal companion safe and sound! Learn more here from a Crown Point, IN vet.

Dangerous Foods

Plenty of common Thanksgiving foods aren’t good for pets, including onions,  chives, grapes and raisins, caffeinated foods and beverages, certain nuts, fatty scraps, and more. Treats like chocolate, candy, cakes, and pies can also do serious harm. Don’t allow holiday guests to give your pet any treats under the table, and keep your animal friend out of the kitchen entirely when preparing your Thanksgiving feast.


Don’t give your pet cooked bones to munch on this holiday. Bones of all sorts can splinter apart when a pet chews on them, creating dangerous shards that could cut a pet’s mouth or cause intestinal trouble when swallowed.

The Garbage

One very common Thanksgiving hazard that you may not have thought about is the garbage bag. It contains all sorts of potential dangers, from toxic foods and spent coffee grounds to bones, string, and fat-covered aluminum foil. If a pet comes across a garbage bag sitting on the floor, they may be tempted to rip it open and get at the contents inside! It’s safest to store your garbage in a closed container where pets can’t reach, or put it in another room where your animal companion can’t gain access.

Alcoholic Beverages

If your holiday celebration includes alcoholic beverages, pay special attention so that your pet can’t get their paws on any. Alcohol of all sorts—liquor, beer, wine, champagne, even certain foods made with alcohol—can poison pets. Don’t leave drinks unattended, because the results could be disastrous!


Another common danger on Thanksgiving is stress and anxiety. Not all pets take kindly to a whole hoard of family members invading their space! If your pet is the type to become anxious, overexcited, or overwhelmed in a large group, set up a quiet safe space for them in a back room and lead them there when guests begin arriving.

Would you like more tips to keep your pet happy this Thanksgiving? Call your Crown Point, IN vet’s office.