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Choosing a Pocket Pet

January 15 2017

Are you thinking about adopting a tiny ball of fur for a pet? Bunnies, gerbils, hamsters, and Guinea pigs are all super cute, and can make great pets. These adorable animals all have the same basic needs: a clean, comfy cage; a good diet; and fun toys. However, these little ones all have some specific characteristics and requirements. Here, a Crown Point, IN vet offers tips on choosing pocket pets.


Bunnies, as we all know, are super cute. However, Floppy needs a good amount of care. She’ll need a few hours out of her cage every day. Because bunnies have to chew to wear their teeth down, your adorable ball of fur will spend the majority of this time nibbling on things. Therefore, you’ll need to do some bunnyproofing. You’ll also need to provide your pet with lots of chew toys; fresh grass hay; and lots of attention.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs, or cavies, as they are sometimes called, are quite the little characters. These adorable pets can be very cuddly and fun, and can even learn some delightful tricks. Like bunnies, need regular time out of their cages, and lots of TLC. Cavies do well with roommates, though, so you can get more than one.


Hamsters may be small, but they’re quite lovable. There are a few things to keep in mind about hamsters. They can be nocturnal, so if you want a pet for your child’s bedroom, Hammie may not be the best option. Hamsters also have very specific temperature requirements, and can get very sick if they get too hot or too cold. Also, while there are a few exceptions, most hamsters need to live alone.


Gerbils are very popular pocket pets. These tiny furballs are very clean, and typically don’t create much odor. They can be shy, and do need buddies to cuddle up with. They don’t need very big cages, however, and are quite inexpensive.


Mice are often overlooked as pets, but they can be quite charming. You may be surprised at how much fun it can be to watch these little guys explore and play. However, mice can be, well, a bit stinky. And, if your furry buddy escapes, you may have a hard time catching your pint-sized runaway.

Do you have questions about pocket pet care? Contact us, your Crown Point, IN animal clinic, today!

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