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Hot Weather Health Tips for Your Cat or Dog

June 15 2016

The hottest days of summer are just around the corner! Is your pet prepared to face the heat? Here, your Crown Point, IN veterinary professional gives you a few tips for keeping your cat or dog safe and sound as summer arrives.

Limit Outdoor Time

The easiest way to make sure your pet doesn’t overheat is to keep outdoor time to a minimum. Always allow your pet to come back indoors, where it’s cool and air conditioned, whenever they please. Keeping your pet outdoors for extended periods of time in the summer is only a recipe for disaster!


Every pet should have a dish of cool, fresh water to drink from throughout the summer, whether they’re spending time indoors or out. This is essential for preventing dehydration and keeping your pet healthy. Be sure to check the water dish periodically to see if it needs refreshed or refilled.

Provide Shade

When your pet does spend time outdoors, ensure that there is at least one shaded spot for them to cool off under. If your yard has a few shade trees, you’re all set. If not, try making your own shade by hanging a sheet or setting up an awning structure. Set up a dish of fresh water under the shaded spot. This way, your pet has a place to cool off and rehydrate if they get too hot.

Exercise Smart

Your pet needs their exercise all year round, summer included. Just be sure to exercise smart when the temperatures rise. By working your pet in the middle of the day, when the sun is at its peak and the temperatures are at their hottest, you’re inviting heatstroke and dehydration. Instead, take your pet out for walks and exercise fun during the cooler morning or evening hours.

Avoid Sunburn

Did you know that pets can experience sunburn just like we can? It’s most likely to occur on areas that aren’t completely covered by fur, such as the nose tip or edges of the ears. Try using a feline- or canine-formulated sunscreen to combat this problem. These products are available at pet supply shops, some vets’ offices, and certain retail outlets. Ask your veterinarian to recommend a good brand for your pet’s needs.

Would you like more tips on keeping your pet happy and healthy during the hot summer months? We’re here to help! Call your Crown Point, IN pet clinic.