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5 Ways to Help Your Pet Live a Long, Healthy Life

June 1 2016

What loving pet owner wouldn’t want to keep their animal companion around for as long as possible? Pets bring unconditional love, loyalty, and joy to you and your family—use these tips from a Crown Point, IN veterinarian to keep your pet happy and healthy for a lifetime.

Preventative Care

Preventative care is essential for your pet’s livelihood, because it allows illness and infection to be avoided before they begin. This means making sure your pet is up-to-date on all necessary vaccinations and wears preventative medications against pests. Regular visits to the vet’s office are also important, so set up an appointment with your veterinarian today if your pet needs a check-up.

Proper Supervision

Pets who roam unsupervised—especially in the great outdoors—are at a far greater risk for encountering hazards like cars, wild animals, toxic materials, poisonous plants, sharp edges, small objects that could be choked on, and much more. It’s safest to keep your pet indoors and only allow them to roam around in your own backyard. Keep a close eye on your pet when he or she is outside to make sure they stay safe.

Spay and Neuter

Spaying and neutering isn’t just about preventing unwanted litters and controlling the homeless pet population (although it’s great for that, too!). Having your pet fixed prevents genital cancers and greatly reduces the risk of breast and prostate cancer. Even common issues like UTIs are less likely to occur in pets who have been spayed or neutered. Give your pet the best possible chance at a lifetime of good health—have them spayed or neutered early on.

Feed a Great Diet

Of course, your pet needs to eat a high-quality diet throughout their lifetime to stay healthy. Keep in mind that a pet’s diet should change as they age; the nutritional requirements of a puppy or kitten are far different than those of a middle-aged or elderly animal. Also be sure to feed your pet using proper portion sizes. If you have questions about the food you should be feeding your animal friend, contact your local veterinary professional for help.

Provide Regular Exercise

Along with a balanced diet, consistent exercise throughout your pet’s lifetime will stave off dangerous obesity and keep your pet’s entire body healthy. Go for walks or romp around with your pet daily!

Ask your Crown Point, IN vet for even more great pet healthcare tips.