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Defeating Pet Odors in Your Home

May 1 2016

Our pets give us many wonderful things, but they can also offer something not so great: odors. If your home is starting to smell a little too much like Fido, use these tips from a Crown Point, IN veterinarian to get things smelling fresh again.


Your pet is the source of the odor, so start there! Grooming your pet regularly will do wonders for cutting down on odors around the house. Run a brush through your cat or dog’s hair frequently; this will remove loose and dead fur, preventing it from winding up on your furniture and carpets, and will also spread essential skin oils through the coat to keep it naturally moisturized.

If your pet is particularly smelly, a bath with a canine- or feline-formulated shampoo can help. Ask your vet for a recommendation.

Regular Cleaning

It’s not a lot of fun, but cleaning your home regularly is another great way to keep smells to a minimum. Vacuum rugs and carpets and dust surfaces on a weekly basis to get rid of loose pet hair and dander flakes that can contribute to odors. Pick up a pet-specific sanitizing solution to use when your pet has an accident on the rug.

Wash Pet Beds

Pet beds can often be a hotspot for odors; after all, your animal friend spends a lot of time there! Some pets even hoard food at their beds or eat off of them, which can contribute to smells as well. Be sure to toss your pet’s bed in the wash every once in a while. You can also try sprinkling some baking soda on it, leaving it sit for a few hours, then brushing it off before returning it to your pet.

Odor Neutralizers

Air fresheners mask smells. Odor neutralizers, though, combat the enzymes that cause odors in the first place. Pick up a pet-specific odor neutralizer at your local pet store or retail outlet.

Space Restrictions

By limiting your pet’s access to rooms around the house, you’re reducing the area that needs to be kept cleaned and thereby keeping smells to a minimum with ease. Try training your pet to stay on only one floor of the home, or only allow them to access one piece of furniture in the living room.

Would you like more great tips on minimizing pet odors around your home? Give your Crown Point, IN vet a call today.