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Earth Day Animal Advocacy With Fluffy

April 15 2023

April has several important awareness days, including two that are particularly near and dear to us. Earth Day, which falls on the 22nd this year, is a celebration of our beautiful planet, and a reminder of the impact of issues such as climate change and habitat loss. Animal Advocacy Day is the 30th, and is meant to honor and recognize those who work to prevent animal cruelty and pass animal welfare laws. These two important topics can also make a great match. Here, a Crown Point, IN vet lists some purrfect ways to help both causes at once. 

Spay/Neuter Surgery 

Pet overpopulation continues to be a huge problem for both animal welfare and wildlife conservation. Stray cats not only lead very difficult lives, they also kill billions of small animals every year. Getting Fluffy fixed is a small step that can make a big difference, by preventing unwanted litters.

Keep Kitties In 

As mentioned above, our feline pals are definitely a threat to birds and other small animals. Keeping Fluffy inside can help protect fragile wildlife populations. Plus, she’ll be healthier and safer, and less likely to end up lost or hurt. 

Buy Responsibly

Did you know that the average household may contain as many as 400 toxic chemicals? These substances aren’t good for you, your feline pal, or the planet. Replacing both household and pet with eco-friendly options is, in this case, a win-win-win situation. 

Adopt, Don’t Shop

This slogan has really caught on in the last few years. To be fair, there are some very wonderful and responsible breeders out there. However, there are also millions of kitties in shelters. If and when it is time to find your new feline buddy, consider going with a rescue or shelter kitty.

Support Legislation 

Providing animals with better legal protections can make a huge difference. Keep an eye on local animal-welfare laws, and support the ones you find beneficial. 


There’s an almost endless list of animal advocacy programs that welcome volunteers. This is one area where every little bit helps! As for Fluffy, well, she may not be of much use, but she’ll be waiting for you with purrs and snuggles when you get home. 

As your Crown Point, IN animal clinic, we’re dedicated to providing great care. Please do not hesitate to contact us if ever we can be of assistance