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5 Reasons To Celebrate Take A Walk In The Park Day 

March 15 2023

There’s a pretty important pet holiday coming up … at least, as far as Fido is concerned. Take A Walk In The Park Day is March 30th! This may not be the biggest event on your calendar this spring, but it’s definitely worth celebrating. Fresh air, sunshine, and exercise are good for both you and your pup! In this article, a Crown Point, IN vet lists some ‘pawesome’ benefits of taking Fido for a walk in the park.


Regular exercise is important for both you and your canine companion. Staying active benefits almost every organ or system in both your bodies, one way or another. Just take care not to overexert your furry pal. Let Fido pick the pace, and head home when he gets tired.


Dogs are active and intelligent, and need enrichment to truly thrive. Fido loves exploring new places and checking out all of the sights, sounds, and, of course, smells. That cute nose is extremely sensitive, and can pick up scents in miniscule proportions. In other words, sniffing that rose bush or tree is almost like reading a newspaper to your canine buddy. Let your pooch stop and smell the roses. That sentiment can be good inspiration for you, too!  


Socialization is crucial to puppies. Little Fido needs to be exposed to different places, faces, and stimuli while he’s still young, so he can form open, positive opinions about the world. Parks can be wonderful places for dogs to meet and greet other pups. You will need to get your vet’s all-clear, though: the park won’t be safe for your four-legged friend until he’s been fully vaccinated.


It’s important for your canine companion to obey you even when there are distractions around. Enclosed park areas can be great for training! Just be careful with treats. If your furry friend’s buddies realize you have snacks, you may find yourself surrounded! 

Tail Wags

Going to the park with your pooch is a great way to brighten up his day, and get his cute tail going. The time we have with our beloved pets often winds down much too quickly. Enjoy those moments with your furry bff!

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