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Caring For A Blind Cat 

February 1 2023

Did you know that blindness is fairly common in kitties? Fluffy can do just fine with partial or complete vision loss, and she can still enjoy a good quality of life. However, she will need extra TLC. A Crown Point, IN vet discusses caring for a blind cat below.

Keep Kitty In

We advise keeping all cats indoors: going outside is just too risky for them. The Great Outdoors is even more dangerous for kitties that can’t see. If you have a completely fenced yard or a catio, you may be able to let your feline buddy enjoy some supervised time there, but other than that, keep her safe and sound inside.

Don’t Rearrange Things

You will need to take a few extra precautions. One thing that can make a huge difference is keeping things in the same place. Try not to leave things on the floor, and don’t rearrange your furniture unless you have to.

Offer Scent Markers

Fluffy’s cute nose is pretty sensitive, so leaving scent ‘signs’ for her can help her find her way around. You don’t want to use anything overpowering: air fresheners and pet-safe plants will do just fine.

Use Gates

Do you have a pool, stairs, fireplace, or anything else that is a danger to a kitty that can’t see? Use gates or fences to block them off.

Don’t Startle Your Kitty

One common pet peeve for cats and dogs that can’t see well is being startled or jumped. Don’t pick your feline pal up unexpectedly, especially when she is sleeping. Talk to Fluffy as you approach her, and pet her before picking her up.

Easy Setups

Fluffy will still enjoy purrniture, but get her something that’s close to the ground. Scratching boards will do just fine as far as manicure stations. Also, put your furry pal’s beds on the ground, so she doesn’t have to jump or climb. If your kitty likes to sleep with you at night, get her a pet ramp.


Another thing that will help is setting out carpet runners. The texture changes will help Fluffy find her way around.


Just like any other furball, blind cats need to feel loved and safe. Fluffy may need a bit more reassurance than other kitties. Pay lots of attention to her! 

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